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Annual Alliance Athletic Awards


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Sports Hall of Fame and Sport History


Who has been recognized by the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame and the Team Honour Roll? 

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How about Mount Pearl sport history?

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Important General Information about Sports


What Sport Can Do: The "True Sport Report"   - Jennifer Keith


What Mount Pearl's Youth are Saying:

Results From Hot Stove Sessions - Jennifer Keith


Principles for Sport 


Principles for Community


Positive Parenting in Sport - Simon Blanks


Recreation Facilities for the Future - Ray Osmond


Life Long Athlete Development - Bill Taggart


How Sport Can Reach Out To Youth At Risk - Sgt. Boyd Merrill

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Coaching for Fun, Fairness, Inclusiveness and Excellence 

                                                                         - Trevor Murphy

Eat Great and Participate - Recreation NL


Summary of Group Discussions - John Barron