Alliance Athletic Awards Program

The Alliance Athletic Awards Program (AAAP) is comprised of Recognition Awards, Achievement Awards and Annual Athletic Awards.


Recognition Awards focus on commitment, determination and the contribution that athletes and volunteers make to their sport, their teammates and their club. It's about celebrating the joy of the sport and demonstrating values like fairness, dedication, respect and fun, and a dedication to sport. Sound like someone you know?  We want to recognize them.  Why not get to work on their nomination now? Recognition Awards are presented on an ongoing basis, and help our community understand the value of sport.


Achievement Awards are presented quarterly to individual athletes or teams for their performance or contribution to the success of their team.


Annual "Senior" Athletic Awards are for Female/Male Athletes and Team of the Year (19 years ); and for Coach and Executive of the Year (the Peter Halliday Memorial Award). Athletes are to be competing in "19 & over" class. Coach and Executive may be for youth or adult sports. These awards are presented at the Annual Sports Hall of Fame/Athletic Awards Ceremony at end of February.


Annual "Youth" Athletic Awards are for Female/Male and Team of the Year competing as "18 years & under"; and for Official and 'Adult Volunteer Working with Youth in Sport' (Dave Holloway Memorial Award).  These awards are presented as part of the Mount Pearl Focus on Youth awards each year in May. 


Contact the City of Mount Pearl or the Sport Alliance office for more information. Click here to view nomination forms!