Community loses longtime volunteer


We are all saddened by the news of Dave LeGrow’s passing today, and perhaps caught off guard by the seeming suddenness.  As one friend noted… “You would have never known he was battling multiple cancers. He never spoke about it at all. He just forged on. Typical Dave! “  So true.


Damian Masterson, MP Soccer President, posted on Facebook this morning…


“The community of Mount Pearl today lost one of its long-time volunteers as Dave LeGrow passed away after a long fought battle with cancer. Dave was a member of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association, NL Soccer Association, and a member of the Mount Pearl Soccer Hall of Fame and Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame. Dave spent many years also as Treasurer for the Frosty Festival and a member of the Sport Alliance Community Grants Committee.

For those who knew Dave, his commitment to sports and community spirit was truly inspirational. You could always count on Dave for a coffee and a chat to seek advice or answers to a problem or question. He was a true mentor to many in the soccer community.

I think I speak for everyone in saying that Dave will be missed by many people. If prayer is part of your faith, please keep his family and friends in mind. .

Rest in Peace. Dave.”


Thanks for sharing, Damian.  Our thoughts and prayers are of Dave, his family and circle of longtime friends within the soccer community and beyond. 


We will post more details as they are available.