Chase the Ace raises $368,513 for youth sports

Chase the Ace – 43 weeks and $368,513 for youth sports


A great fundraising project for youth sports and an outstanding collaboration by Sport Alliance members.


At a volunteer social yesterday evening at the Soccer Hut cheques were presented to the 11 sport organizations that were a part of the Chase the Ace fundraiser that concluded on August 10.  


Thank you

To our many sport club volunteers who handled ticket sales and parking lot safety. 

To our many loyal supporters who were there from day one and made Chase the Ace night so much fun

To our core group of seven who committed to being there week after week to ensure smooth operations.  

To the City – Council, management and staff – for advice, human resources, equipment, and coordination. 

To the RNC, SJRFD, Emergency Services and St. John Ambulance for expertise and experience. 


It was a blast!  So much fun with so many wonderful people. 


Meghan & Mike


Photo: Back row (l - r): Andrew Ledwell (Councilor), Randy Somerton (Special Olympics), Robert Hayes (MP Soccer), Michelle Sheppard (MP Minor Hockey), Christine Young (Summit Synchro), David Oake (Dogs Rugby), Carol Ann Kelloway (Pearlgate Track & Field), Thomas Hawkins (MP Tennis), Kim Sullivan (Marlins Swimming), Gayle Cave (MPP Youth Bowling), Shelley O’Brien (MPP Skating), Andrea Power (Councilor); front row (l - r): Michelle Soucy (Campia Gymnastics), Bill Antle (Councilor), Jerry Rice (SA Chair), Meghan Rubia (SA Office Administrator), Mike Bugden (SA Manager), Dave Aker (Mayor), Lucy Stoyles (Councilor).