Chase the Ace Jackpot won on Jan 27

Chase the Ace jackpot...


An exciting evening on January 27 as our Chase the Ace Jackpot Prize of $8443.50 was claimed.


And so that brings to a close this Chase the Ace fundraiser. We had a lot of fun.


Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets week after week, many who hung out with us at the Soccer Hut and put up with Mike's terrible jokes; and some who contributed jokes (feeling sorry for Mike no doubt). Thanks to your support we have been able to contribute to local youth sport programs and to development of children and youth. 


Thanks also to our core volunteer team who never failed to pull it together each week; and to the City for supporting us in so many ways, not the least of which has been moral support, and certainly ensuring safety in the parking lot and walkways when snow and ice was a factor.


And of course thanks to Meghan for making sure it all went smoothly - a lot of work behind the scenes. I'm sure I have forgotten some folks, and will add to the list later.


We awarded more than $26,000 in prize payouts for the 27 weekly sessions. We will report back shortly with the net fundraising contributions to youth sport.


Thanks again everyone. We couldn't do it without you. ...Mike B