Summit Synchro (formerly Mount Pearl Synchronized Swimming Club) is a volunteer non-profit club that promotes, teaches, and supports the sport of synchronized swimming. Mount Pearl Synchro inspires athletes of all ages to develop their skills and sportsmanship. The club provides an environment that supports work principles and goal setting to achieve individual and team accomplishments.


Synchronized swimming is a combination of swimming, dancing and gymnastics in which swimmers (solos, duets, or teams) perform a synchronized routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.


Synchronized swimming coaches teach water skills that promote the swimmers strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, timing and breath control.

Our members gain a unique opportunity that they might not have otherwise. They travel within and outside the province to compete in recreational, provincial and national level competitions.

If you like music, dance and swimming, you will love synchronized swimming!

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Drop by the Mount Pearl Swimming Pool on Thursday and Saturday evening (7-9pm) or Sunday morning during the fall and winter Synchro session to speak with one of the coaches.


Contact Information via mail:

P.O. Box 989

Mount Pearl, NL

A1E 2C5