MAX Martial Arts

MAX Martial Arts provides quality training and instruction for those interested in every aspect of Martial Arts.  Practitioners gain increased strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance, while learning the importance of goal-setting, practical self-defense, and self-discipline, all in a safe, social environment.  Programs are open to everyone ages 4 and up, with classes divided by appropriate age groups and exercises tailored to individual skill level. No experience is necessary or expected, however those with previous training are more than welcome, and will be placed in a class appropriate for their ability. Also, no equipment is needed to join as Karate students receive a free Gi and Kickboxing students receive free hand wraps and a t-shirt upon registration.

Our instructors are experienced, motivated, friendly Black Belts each with over 10 years training in a variety of Martial Arts, many of whom have made or are working towards making Martial Arts instruction their career. They are all trained in First Aid and each studio has its own, fully stocked, First Aid kit. Associate Directors Nathan Barrett and Stephen Oates both bring more than 10 years experience in Martial Arts instruction with them to MAX having developed the specific set of skills necessary to work with and instruct children, and are cognizant of the unique issues they face today.

MAX offers programs in traditional Kenpo Karate, as well as Kickboxing.  We provide a clean, safe, family-friendly environment in which to learn and grow. With newly renovated studios in Mount Pearl and St. John’s, complete with Olympic quality matted floors, mirrored walls, and top of the line, brand new equipment we ensure a quality learning experience.

Our various classes are listed below with the corresponding age group:


Little Dragons: Ages 4-6

Junior Karate: Ages 7-12

Youth Karate: Ages 13-17

Kenpo Karate: Ages 18

Junior Kickboxing: Ages 10-15

Women's Kickboxing: Ages 16

Kickboxing: Ages 16


Please feel free to contact us or, better yet, come by with a friend and try a class for free!

Nathan Barrett, Associate Director, Martial Arts:

Stephen Oates, Associate Director, Martial Arts:





Surge Hi-Performance Training

Surge Hi-Performance Training is a young athlete development program that is focused on athletes between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. When you join the Surge program you will undergo individualized fitness testing that will place you in an appropriate class that matches your age category and skill level. As you progress in strength, speed, agility, and endurance, you will advance to a more challenging level within your age bracket.

Surge offers you the opportunity to train with the best instructors in the best facilities, using the same state of the art equipment as professional athletes. It’s all about finding your maximum potential and pushing yourself to achieve your absolute highest level of performance.

When you’re ready to take your athletic performance to the next level, you need training that gives you an extra edge. MAX Surge will take you to your next level.


For more information: Surge Hi Performance Training

1 Olympic Drive, Mount Pearl